Clinmiskin gel

Clinmiskin gel is Resilient’s innovation in acne management therapy. The concept of topical nicotinamide along with clindamycin & Aloe was launched for the 1st time by Resilient in year 1997. This wonder combination was launched with the view of healing acne without have scars behind.

Clindamycin: Treats infection.

Nicotinamide: Reduces inflammation. Thus helps reduce size of pimples. Also, helps in preventing scar formation.

Aloe-Allantoin base: Also prevents scars, Allantoin removes dead tissue.

For Best ResultsWash face with Salicure face wash prior to application of Clinmiskin.
Suitable for day & night time application.

  • 20 gm gel
  • Clinmiskin Gel is to be applied on affected area twice daily, or as directed by physician.
  • In topical treatment of Acne Vulgaris (from mild to moderate acne)

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