The Objective is – To create awareness about the potential the person has & equip with the necessary skills, continuous professional coaching for developing himself as a ‘brand resilient’.

The Process of learning and improvement is never ending. Organization’s emphasis is now on personal and professional skills and special training sessions are developed by the leaders to improve the performance. It will create a bond between employee & the organization which will help us for better productivity with retention of the talent.

We strongly believe that “Change in behavior = Change in Result”. Behavior is the outcome of several factors like knowledge, skills, ability, beliefs, values & experiences. Thus, you will agree that change in Behavior will always result in “expected Performance”. We all have understood that workshop was to unearth one’s inner potential, help him overcome personal fears and biases, boundaries set by one’s limiting belief and convert the same into “empowering belief Sustained High Performance”.

To understand teamwork as 1+1=11 and not 1+1=2. We had done certain activities which give us following learning:

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To achieve our objective we have to shift from CAN’T DO to CAN DO attitude. Change is Constant. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

RESILIENT offers excellent growth opportunities to persons having ambition of making a career in Pharmaceuticals. Be a part of our winning team.


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