Late Mr. Sharad Purohit

Late Mr. Sharad Purohit

Late Mr. Sharad Purohit

Circa 1997. Sharad Purohit, the quintessential entrepreneur, decide to launch a pharmaceutical company with a maverick bunch of like-minded people. This was a group of veterans in the field of marketing and pharmaceuticals. In a disconcerting environment in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector, this bohemian bound put their experience and expertise to test and thus was born Resilient cosmeceuticals Pvt.Ltd., on February 8, 1997.

Mr. Purohit, himself, was a hardened and experienced journeyer, having served step of corporate hierarchy, from being medical Representative to managing Director, with various respectable companies like Unichem Labs and Emerck India Pct Ltd. His entrepreneurial streak lead him to established magnachem Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and Pure Health Products Pvt. Ltd. with his friends and colleagues.

Puzzled at his audacity, his friends, relatives and colleagues questioned his decision and wondered if 55 was an age to venture into a new business. Mr. Purohit used to allay their apprehensions by stating that it is never too late to start on an adventure. Also, his rich experience of 32 years in this sector would come in handy at this juncture.

This trailblazing enterpriser managed Resilient through some harsh years and within a short span of time was able to prove his mettle and resilient managed to grab the attention of the pharma sector.

Even in the aftermath of the tumultuous post-GATT period when most pharma companies were either contemplating shutting operations or mergers, Resilient stood strong. it weathered the storm and came out a tenacious and robust organization.

Mr. Purohit intended Resilient to be and ethically-driven business with strong associations with the society. It would acknowledge its societal obligations and contribute towards the betterment of the community. For him, Resilient was never a place just to earn profits; it was an extension of his family. his employees were his kin and he shared his joys and successes with them.

Mr. Purohit drove Resilient from strength to strength for more than 16 years. He renounced his wordily body in October 2013, but not before creating and organization to be proud of. His position was taken by his natural heir -his son – Mr. Sachin Purohit, who now heads Resilient as the Managing Director.

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