Mrs. Anagha Purohit

Mrs. Anagha Purohit

Ms. Anagha Purohit

Anagha is an architect – environmental planner with more than 12 years of professional experience in the field of Architecture, Sustainable Design and Design and Urban Environmental Planning.

A Graduate of Pune University and Arizona State University, Anagha has multinational experience in countries like USA, India and Sweden. Anagha is also an academician and teaches post graduate programs in Energy and Environment. She also conducts training on diverse themes such as Green Buildings, Environmental Impact Assessments, Urban Air Quality Management and Sustainable Design of Buildings.

She is a member of various Boards and Committees at national and local level in the areas of Green Buildings, Urban Planning and Energy Efficient Buildings. Anagha is an empaneled expert with Bureau of Energy Efficiency, is a GRIHA Trainer and IGBC Evaluator.

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